The Art of Being Gut Healthy

Dish Dash Deets

Bringing plant-based food and science together with a modern twist
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Dish in a Dash with all the Deets


Dish Dash Deets

Dr. Sunni is one of those personalities you have to love. He’s super-smart, he’s passionate and driven, he’s self-effacing, and funny. A published clinician-scientist, successful businessman with a PhD and MBA, as well as a Level 3 fitness diploma. On the outside it might look like he has it all - but like us all, life’s thrown its challenges at him. In his late-twenties, Sunni was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease which left him exhausted, in pain and hung low.


Fast forward a few years, and Sunni is fresher faced than ever living on a healthy, gut-loving plant-based diet. Being able to manage his condition through regular medication and a sustainable diet, he wanted to share the power of healing through his hurt by creating a safe space and community for those in his position, and others wanting to learn more about being gut healthy.

Welcome Dish Dash Deets - a cooking concept for the modern generation. Here to bring the luxury of gut healthy food to everyone, Dish Dash Deets offers simple, plant-based recipes that can be prepared in a dash, together with the scientific data (deets), that demonstrates their role in supporting gut health.

Goodbye gut as a dirty word, and hello gut friendly food for inner and outer health!


love your gut


You can't have Dish Dash Deets without the all important scientific and educational Deets! Let's find out together why being gut healthy can be beneficial for all of us, through the blog I have created to share the science and knowledge that is already out there.

Join me as I explore the different elements of gut health, the ins-and-outs of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) as well as all things plant-based.


This blog will cover a range of articles; easy for you and your gut to digest at your own convenience, as well as showcase other people's journeys with IBD/IBS and becoming more gut-healthy. 

With my very own, and special guest features, we will uncover a variety of interesting, enlightening and empowering information for you to revel, share and expand on with others.

The Beauty of Delicious Gut Healthy Dishes

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