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Needing some gut advice?

Holding a PhD in risk factors for disease and certified in nutrition, eating addiction, personal training and fitness, I use creative evidence- and science-based programs to create bespoke and individual health plans to achieve your goals. From weight loss and management, longevity and healthy aging, burnout and fatigue or supporting you on gut health issues, all the programs are fully accessible and allow direct contact to myself that has helped hundreds of people achieve their goals.


Offering a full range of services from blood tests*, diagnostics*, medical support and treatments*, catered meals*, in-clinic support* that complement the individualised health coaching programs this is unlike any other coaching support you may have had to help support your long term success.                                                                                                   

I have been living with inflammatory bowel disease and IBS since 2014 as well as recovering from an eating disorder since my teens. This has fuelled my commitment to coach and support others in making healthier decisions for long term health and wellness.

My services include health coaching programs for individuals, groups and corporations, bespoke consulting and recipe development, as well as availability for speaking and educational events.


                                                                                                                                        *location dependent

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Serving you recipes for breakfast, lunch and more.


A refreshing dish

to start the day off.


A refreshing dish

to start the day off.


An energy booster

for the day.


A light touch to maintain

your day.


Providing you with tips and advice to improve gut health.

Children Running

 1 in 10 children is obese by age 5,
rising to
1 in 5 by age 11.

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