Getting That Gut Feeling

For those that are on their IBD/IBS journey, albeit short or a long one (nonetheless arduous and gruelling for most), it is important to understand that you are one of many going through a wide range of feelings, thoughts and emotions. You are not alone, and never will be. What we can sometimes fail to do, is to appreciate the ‘now’ and what we have done to get where we are. We fight and deal with IBD/IBS every day. With the countless appointments, and daily fears many face on the uncertainty of having a flare-up, or finding another trigger for our condition, we tend to think about what the future will bring, and whether it will be as fulfilled, enriching and satisfying as we thought it could be before we were diagnosed. 

Let me tell you, it can be. Only if we let it be. I learnt that for me to embrace a chronic condition like Crohn’s, I had to allow for a headspace to love and heal myself both inside-and-out, including the demons that apeared with every flare up. 

‘Getting That Gut Feeling’ will showcase blog articles with guest editor Ann Finucane; a registered psychotherapist and counsellor, and a range of other experts on their learnings of how to make time and allow for that headspace for yourself so that it is possible to achieve, with time, that good feeling day by day. 




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