Gut Health Food Heroes

If you are what you eat, does that mean, we eat what we are? I know the expression likely doesn’t make sense, but I think it reads as though modern eating and diets are now being made to suit our modern way of living – our working, habit, lifestyles and needs. Instead of serving our physiological and health needs, do we serve convenience instead? 

I know that’s what I had been doing for many years – so that I could serve my long-standing ambition and desire to climb the corporate ladder. Do we truly nurture ourselves, not for the want of doing so, and wanting to be better at it, but because of the lack of the time, energy, focus and creativity to allow us to do so? 

I had to change my relationship with food due to Crohn’s, where it went from living to eat to a clear eating to live as the condition sapped all the passion and creativity from what I enjoyed doing daily – cooking, eating and feeding others. 

By investing the time, and trust me it can be long but worthwhile, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery that became not only health- and gut-enriching but it also fed my soul to achieve some level of acceptance and happiness with my IBD. 

If we truly are what we eat, I was finding that a lot of what I was, was because of the gut. The gut was because of what I ate, and I had to make the time to eat for me and for my gut, in order to serve my physiological, mental and emotional needs a far better way. The journey took me on a mind-blowing exploration of food and ingredients and understanding the benefits of plant-based items and gut health.

This series of blog articles will cover the true gut healthy heroes. The food ingredients themselves. Each article will cover an identified plant-based item and the evidence available to support why it is gut friendly, which will also link to available recipes on the site. 

The array of wonderment and benefits that plant-based items can bring is truly extraordinary and I hope this blog helps to showcase that the best way possible. If you would like to have a food hero featured, I would love to hear from you!



Is there something to learn from the Tanzanian Hadza tribe and the gut health benefits of Baobab? Read on!



Those that know me, know that I admire the green pea with a slight culinary fetishism that I just adore cooking with them. Bonus- they are gut healthy too!