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An ultimate wellness and lifestyle medicine coach with over 15 years healthcare experience, Dr Sunni has a passion and proven success for bringing wellness into everyday life.


He has experience as a published clinician scientist and gut-health expert with certification in nutrition, eating addiction, personal training and fitness.

He lives with inflammatory bowel disease and IBS, with a history of an eating disorder which has fuelled his commitment to help others explore healthy and long term relationships with food in a relatable way.

Dr Sunni has been featured on Ready Steady Cook, Newsround, ITV News and BBC Radio shows and is often sought after for comment in several national press outlets.

He has helped many people improve issues such as weight management, menopause, fatigue, mood, immunity, gut and other health issues using his award winning personalised evidence-based health programs.


Meet Dr Sunni's Dish Dash Deets Team


Annishka Kapoor

Social Community Manager

Hailing from Mumbai, India with a degree in Film from London Film Academy, Annishka has also been working in Social Media and PR for over 3 years


Annishka hopes to streamline her professional knowledge into Dish Dash Deets with the power of film and Social Media


Her role at Dish Dash Deets consists of shaping the brand image across all platforms.

She is also passionate about food, travel and lifestyle.


Marthe Koster

Movement Associate

Marthe is originally from the Netherlands where she trained and worked as an Oncology nurse for almost a decade, also specialising in Haematology.


After moving to the UK she decided to follow her passion for Yoga, originally training in Vinyasa. Since then she has qualified in Hatha, Yin, Meditation and Breath-work.


Marthe feels passionate about combining both her skills and expertise as a nurse with her all-round yoga experience to creating an holistic and healing approach for all her clients.


Ella McCrystal

Clinical Psychotherapist

Ella McCrystal is a Psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Mindset Coach.

She is also an author, online course creator, speaker and owner of an integrated health clinic. She firmly believes the body and mind are intrinsically linked and integrated, therefore holistic health is her passion. The methods she delivers are interconnected, powerful and backed by science with the intention to make it explorative, strengthening, supportive, enjoyable and fun!

Ella will bring a wealth of evidence based and approachable techniques for long term psychological well being to Dish Dash Deets.


James Charles Smith

Health Associate 

James brings passionate and expertise on fitness nutrition, training, mindset and goal setting with over 8 years of experience.


He is a qualified ‘Performance Specialist’ and ‘Nutritional Coach’ allowing him to share a well-rounded, factually based service, additional to his years of experience.


James will bring efficient, effective and tailored approaches to Dish Dash Deets that help to demonstrate sustainable health outcomes


JP Ngindu

Health Associate

JP joins Dish Dash Deets with a rich career focussing on health and beauty from day one. Originally from Belgium and after 9 years in London he is now a PT and CrossFit level 2 trainer based out of Sicily.


JP prides himself in his first-hand experience of the challenges one meets when wanting to live a healthier life while working in a busy corporate setting.

DSC02169 (2).JPG

Angie Kim

Hypnotherapist and Coach

As a certified Rapid Transformational Therapist, Life Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist, Angelina is passionate about transforming individuals' capabilities through the power of their conscious and subconscious mind.


By combining her experience from a corporate consulting background and mental health, she aims to deliver fresh new perspectives on how we can maximise our potential and bring the best out.


Understanding how the mind works is at the heart of unlocking individual potential, improving performance and creating a happier and more resilient workforce.

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